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Tracie Skarbo was motivated to write by her father, who was her biggest supporter. “He was always behind me, rallying me on with my writing. I would always see him with a book in hand. He gave me a great appreciation for the written word, and the power and responsibility that writers have to shape those who read their words. He also taught me to respect nature and to value the beauty within it; my reflections on my environment are just an extension of this.” Skarbo was raised on Vancouver Island and is working on her next two books.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Legions of Veal

Sometimes I see society as a huge herd of cattle in front of TV's, sitting in lazy boys with hooves up and udders pointed to the sky, transfixed by the latest advertising frenzical hypnotism. 

Drooling and mindless and sitting in a pool of depression because their bodies are rebelling against the unusual lack of movement.  Eyes gobbling up digital depictions of what will make them happy in mind and body if only they have enough money or balls to receive the debt required.

The big boys laugh as they program their armies of chattel with channels of junk food for the mind into more and more blind consumerism, that in turn lines their pockets with more golden thread. 

Will we wake up from this self induced slumber?  Or will we only be usurped by legions of veal, each individual connected to the next with umbilical cords tattooed with Twitter? 


  1. Pretty harsh, there, Blue Eyes! >:o}

  2. Well, harsh, perhaps, but eloquently stated and unquestionably true, at least as true as any generalism can be. Your description doesn't fit EVERYBODY, but it fits enough folks for the imagery to "twitter" into place, at least in my imagination. And, forgive me, but I loved "and udders pointed to the sky." Harshness CAN have it's place, Dear Heart, and your little touch of eloquence might make this go down a bit easier.

  3. Thanks so much Rob and William for coming by to read! I appreciate you both! :)

  4. This is why I don't own a TV and don't go on Twitter. But I do have higher hopes for the veal. :)

  5. Again Creative writing at its best is challenging.
    The image is association and not to be taken literally Veal what a brilliant poetic turn to sharpen the focus

  6. Thanks so much MJ for stopping by! :)